Erik Tranberg | Model photographer interview and pics

The View magazine hooked up with model photographer Erik Tranberg.

Born and raised in New York, now living in New Mexico. New York and Los Angeles are his two favourite places to work with models. We talked about his style, way of working and who he would cast for the Pirelli Calendar.

TV: Who is Erik Tranberg?

ET: Who I am is difficult to put into words. Words are often guarded but my work is a purer reflection of who I am. I have always been drawn to photography even when it was beyond my means. I’d soak it in and then about four years ago I injured my knee badly. I was no longer able to play soccer which is another passion. I needed a creative outlet so I bought a camera and started teaching myself.

TV: You have a specific style, models are smiling, and skin and nudity seems to be an recurring aspect. Can you tell us more about that?

ET: I love trying to capture a woman’s natural beauty and those moments that capture the feeling of being alive. I am relaxed on set and we have fun. My job is easy when the model is having fun.

TV: Working with models from all corners of the world, do you sense a difference in culture and what they like and don’t like?

ET: Models are no different than people. Everyone wants to have someone who looks at them with love and who makes them feel they are the most beautiful and sexy woman in all the world. That is universal and that is what I want to create in my photographs.

TV: What has been your most challenging shoot so far?

ET: Every shoot has challenges especially when shooting outdoors. As much as I would love to I cannot control the weather. It is important to adapt and make it work. Probably the most difficult was one where the temperature dropped down to 10 degrees Fahrenheit. We were going to shoot in hot springs to keep the model warm but that location was not usable. Instead, I found another spot. I kept the car running and the heater on. We would shoot for 10 minutes and then run to the car and repeat.

TV: If you were asked to shoot the Pirelli calendar, what would be your theme, and which models would you cast?

ET: I could think on this question for days!! I would want to capture the feeling of summer vacation. No worries. Having fun on a remote tropical island where the viewer wishes they were there and that was their life if only for a moment. I would cast Barbara Palvin, Emily Ratajkowski and I could go on and on…lol

TV: Where do you see the future of model photography?

ET: Model photography is always changing. I am excited to see new talents emerge as the accessibility gets easier and easier.

Thanks Erik! Check out more feminine beauty in his portfolio.