Estrella Pau Pics+Vid+Interview

The View got cozy with Estrella Pau, a freelance model and Playmate. We don’t have a Playboy subscription but booom, suddenly she was there, introduced to us by a mutual friend, photographer Mark Candari. The images and video are her latest collabo with Mark, a set of sensual reflections and teasing motion.

TV: How did you became a model, discovered at a food mall where you were having a juicy burger?

EP: (laughs) No not really, not even close. Playboy asked me if I was interested to pose for them and it felt as the right moment. Quite a compliment and it would help me getting out of my shell a bit more, so I went for it and said yes. The shoot was really fun, everybody was nice and I am pretty proud to be able to call myself a Playmate. 

TV: What happened next?

EP: I really enjoyed the shoot and all the stuff around it, so the Playboy publication opened some doors and I took the opportunities. The ball continued to roll, more doors opened, more projects. I don’t know if I am lucky, my guess is that most models start in a similar way.

TV: What kind of model would you describe yourself?

EP: Hmmm, I think allround would fit me best. I have the privilege of being booked for different kind of shoots, from fashion to glamour to beauty. The number of fashion bookings not so much due to my height, but I don’t mind. I believe that I should focus and work with what I have, instead of trying to get into something that is really not my forte.

TV: Something else, the modeling world seems to becoming fragmented more and more, new agencies are being founded at a fast rate. How do you see all of this?

EP: There will always be a difference between agencies in terms of quality, the effort put in each model, connections with the industry such as casting directors, etc. As a freelancer it doesn’t really effect me, but obviously I talk with other models including those signed at agencies. From what I have heard, many new agencies lack ground such as experience in managing a model’s career. Also, quantity seems to be more important than quality, with many agencies adding new faces to the already full board. You simply can’t deliver for each model if you have to share your devotion across a 50+ board per agent.

TV: You already mentioned being a freelancer, how does that work out for you?

EP: I absolutely love being a freelancer! The complete freedom to choose what projects I like to work with, doing the negotiations myself, I even discovered that I like deal-making. Sure, I probably miss a connection with industry people here and there, but I don’t mind. Focusing on hard work, great effort and those new connections will appear when the time is right.

TV: If you can name one connection that you really want, who will that be?

EP: Wow, that’s a really tough question, so many great people out there. Can I really pick just one, not a top 5 or something? Ok, then it definetely would be Marc Lagrange. I love his style and he makes great pictures. It’s so amazing how he can tell a short story in every single picture. So Marc, if you are reading this, give me a call hahaha!

TV: Can you tell us a bit about your most recent bookings?

EP: Sure! A webshop, a magazine cover, and a shoot with a good friend of mine who wanted to try out some concepts. I shoot monthly for that webshop, most of it are bikinis, pretty intense as I am changing bikinis every five minutes. The cover is for a Belgian magazine called Che. Long and tough day, but really fun. Small team, photographer, art director and makeup artist. I will give you a call when it hits the shelves. And lastly, a shoot with some really nice concepts, Marc Langrange’s style, so it was a no-brainer to say yes, and we shot in this amazing modern penthouse.

Check out the video with EP doing her tease!

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