Helena Christensen for Triumph

Poetic, appealing and powerful. Reflecting the qualities of the modern-day woman.

For the Elodie by Helena set, the feeling of vintage was the base and resulted in lavender-colored designs with a very sexy and teasing feminine cut. Turquoise highlights and larger bows, all with a strong sense of romance and fascination, and the finest quality lace.


Helena also thought about the moments to wear her lingerie. Not only in an intimate setting, but everywhere and anytime the woman wants to. Preformed cups, fine detailing and designs such as a body dress, ensures plenty of choice for the right time and always having a romantic and teasing look.


Exceptionally talented in everything she does, Helena embodies the modern woman, and what she calls the essence: strong personality, creative, highly professional and super feminine. Most people knows her as a top model, but few have learned that she is a skilled photographer as well, in addition to be the ambassador for Triumph Essence.

For this collection she impressed both in front and behind the camera. Her friend and top photographer Guy Aroch perfectly captured her vision and intended mood during the shoot in New York. The picture at the top is just one of them, to see more, check out Issue 13 of the magazine.