When It All Began…

The View Magazine started in 2010, due to a mix of passion for photography, beauty, lifestyle and fashion, and the interest in publishing and online media. The founder, a fellow called Rinaldi, was eager to do something and a magazine would fit all of that. From the first day, the intent was clear: give it go and learn from every situation, every contact, every feedback and use the first year to test as many aspects as possible. No hasty decisions, no extraordinary activities, just let it ride and stay on track.

Of course, one can only hope of an easy start, but where is the fun in that, right? So earlier than expected, a very pleasant and bit daunting surprise popped up when he got in touch with John John Denim. He negotiated for weeks and waited, when finally a message in his mailbox came in with permission from the model, the model’s agency, and the photographer, allowing him to use the images in Issue 02. Not 12, not 20, but the second issue of the recently born The View Magazine. So there she was, gracing the cover by a very happy editor, lensed by top photographer Stewart Shining, international top model Irina Shayk! Woohooo!!! (tell me, how many ‘amateur’ magazine makers have similar stories about their second issue? 😉 )


It is a defining moment as he realises that even though the first year isn’t ended yet, there is actually no turning back anymore. He was not planning to let Stewart, Irina or any other artist down, by settling with average quality imagery, now that his second issue already featured amazing series. From this issue onward, he must and shall keep the standards high as a moral and artistic duty to all contributors, current and the ones to come. In terms of imagery: Only good executed concepts, rendering a set of amazing images would get featured, anything else would be respectfully declined.

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…To This Day

Now in it’s fourth year, we still maintain our early set high standards. We, not because the magazine now has a stellar team, but because no matter how many people are working on each issue, website content or communications, the most important thing to remember is that we represent others. We represent artists, photographers, models, stylists, makeup and hair artists, and all others that are involved in producing great work. We represent brands and agencies. And last but certainly not least, we represent the fashion and photography worlds. High standards, because each of them deserve nothing less. We are proud to showcase our work and wish you all the joy in seeing it.

We, The View Magazine.