Jil Zeelen: Fashion and Lifestyle at GanbarooPR Interview | Part 2 of 2

The fashion and lifestyle of Jil Zeelen, a PR manager at one of the best agencies in the Netherlands, Ganbaroo PR. Last week she shared her experience on Amsterdam, Paris and the first steps towards fashion and lifestyle. This week we focus on her career, clients and take on digital.

TV: Last week you told about how you got in touch with Ganbaroo and got hired for six months, what did they let you do?

JZ: I started as the showroom manager. Responsible for a multitude of activities such as, helping stylists with selecting and pulling their wardrobe for photo productions and events, replying to pricing and imagery requests, creating the selections at clients for press presentations, making sure we have and show the correct collections, organising press-days, and communicating with clients regarding their collections in the showroom. I am still doing this three days a week but focus more on the coordination.

TV: You already mentioned how the job is, can you tell a bit about one of those days?

JZ: I have my own morning ritual. Starting with a good cup of coffee, reading and replying on emails, and going through some websites that I bookmarked. Websites with content I like and consider newsworthy. It is very important to stay up-to-date and curious, not just fashion or lifestyle related news, but also news in general. After this ritual the day always differs. Some days are packed with meetings and the only moment I am not is when having lunch. Other days could be writing press releases, drafting strategy plans, and if lucky, I am able to drink some more coffee in the showroom with whoever is there at that moment. It’s a way to ease up a bit, have a chat and stay updated on their view on things. I know that many people think PR is full of glam and we party all the time with celebs, and champagne is the only bottle of water in the fridge, but that is not the case at all. It’s hard work and we have many days that we are still at the office when most people are already having dinner at home. Right before press-days, I am carry boxes around and switching the collections, and with more than 25 of them, that’s a lot of packing, unpacking and registration.

TV: Which accounts (= clients) do you have?

JZ: I work for Triumph, a lingerie brand. You might remember them from their collaboration with model and photographer Helena Christensen. Citizens of Humanity, Los Angeles denim. Modström and mbyM, both very stylish and Scandinavian. Summum, Dutch with international allure. And Bellerose, a Belgian brand with a very cool collection for men, women and kids every year.

TV: What would you consider the top 5 Ganbaroo core competences?

JZ: First of all, innovative. We are always in development, curious, open-minded, and always try to be distinctive in everything we do. We are driven. Passionate in the work we do and always hungry for more and better. We have a large varied network, not just focusing on fashion, but also on lifestyle and art. We want to see the whole picture and connect all the dots. If you like certain types of fashion, you also like the same style of art, restaurants, stores and shows. It’s a way of living and it makes us also highly versatile. We are are own target-group, we know what and how we like it, and we fully support the vision of all brands we represent. I think this makes us authentic as well. Last but not least, we are personal. We make sure that everyone, anyone who is here feels comfortable. From clients to first-time stylists. We don’t do cookie-cutter strategies, with each client we design a custom-made plan.

TV: Digital and online are on the rise for a while, how does this affect your work? Clients specifically asking for online services?

JZ: Digital and online are important to us. Ganbaroo is very active on all the major social media platforms, and with news and updates reaching thousands of people very fast, we are on top of new opportunities and finding our own way of working with it. The focus used to be print media, we still work with that, but we see a clear shift to online. An increasing number of clients want to invest in digital and also an increase in budget for that area. For some clients, mostly on project-base, the online media aspect is more important, it results in direct leads and direct sales. Personally, I like online, but print will always have a place in my heart.

TV: Last but not least, what’s next for you?

JZ: Haha…I get that question so many times. I have always been ambitious, curious, and like to keep developing. Very happy being with Ganbaroo, awesome colleagues, great clients and I still enjoy all the inspiration around me. And I also like to be surprised by life itself and what the future will bring.

TV: Thank you Jil!

Credits: Jil is wearing a vest by Anecdote, a Modström top, jeans by Citizens of Humanity, walks on Vans shoes.