Malene by Jannie Stentoft


My long time desire was to create a short editorial on something beautiful and real. This sounds pretty generic and vague, and I suppose it was exactly that when I thought about it. All I new that it had to be during the day with natural light, to keep it close to my idea.

One night at a party, I met this girl named Malene. She had a raw, dark and sexy look, and very beautiful. Standing with a drink in one hand, and her friend in the other, her looks caught my attention and I couldn’t take my eyes off. She might be the perfect girl for my idea, but no clue if she was interested.

I went talking to her and she confirmed my first impression. Strong woman, filled with power, but there was also a certain vulnerability and innocence about her. Something that she maybe likes to explore as well. We talked about the idea and doing the story about her, and she was very interested, so we planned a date. Contacted my good friend and makeup artist Barbara, who also did the styling for the editorial.

I wanted to capture the morning quietness. The light streaming trough the windows and warming up her body. I wanted everything to be soft. The light, her body, the mood and the surroundings. I wanted to show how playful, dreamy and completely in harmony she was. So on this beautiful Sunday morning, this story came to life.

Moving around in her apartment naked. Maybe she is waiting for someone, maybe he has just left. Alone, in a peaceful and sensual mindset.

Jannie Stentoft, photographer, Denmark
Jannie Stentoft, photographer, Denmark

Jannie Stentoft is a 27 years young Danish fashion and beauty photographer. Started her career in Sydney, Australia, after which she moved back to Denmark where she´s now lives and works.

You can often recognize her style, very modern and clean with a raw touch. Keeping it simple, both visually and technically, and letting the images tell the story. Jannie’s passion, is to achieve beautiful and eye-catching images; to be found in the grey area between different styles, emotions and stories, on the border between powerful rawness and innocent softness.

Her images very much reflects Jannie’s own personality, very present and always living in the moment. She is an skilled observer, a voyeur of life if you will, frequently going to downtown or the park and watch people how they move and act. Those are the moments when creative juices flow the best and she goes home with loads of new inspiration. “Colors, structure, patterns, shapes and faces inspires me”, which also apply to her love for art and food.

Jannie has many more beautiful work on her website.