Never Lose Your Sense Of Wonder


Collection No. 010

“Every morning when I open my eyes, I am amazed of the world around me. I let the sun warm up my body. I enjoy the fresh breeze, the shiny droplets of dew, and the bubbly singing birds. Just like them, I am happy and ready for this new day.”

Never lose your sense of wonder, is the theme of the spring summer 2014 collection of Anecdote. Upscale qualities like slob cottons, soft fabric blends and smooth viscose form the basic elements of the many looks, showing the incredible diversity of the brand. Fierce jackets, classic trousers and boxy blouses. You want to make a statement? Wear one of their maxi skirts coupled with a spacious top. With interesting named colors such as Bright Coral, Otter Green, Plum, but also Pebble Stone and Mud Brown to get that chique nude look. Or go bold and mix it with some flower prints and stripes, either way, enjoy the summer in your style!

Meet Maxime, Sun, Phi and Manou:

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