Photo Consultant Interview and Giveaway

Even the best photographers in the world, sometimes need some help. That’s where Meredith Marlay comes in, an art director and photo consultant with a very developed and keen eye. In addition to this interview, she also offers one lucky winner a full hour of portfolio consultation. To join this Giveaway, make sure to read the info below the interview.

TV: Hi Meredith, great to have you here, for those who don’t know you, who is Meredith?

MM: Hi! Yes, I am a photo & artist consultant. A consultant can be many things– but for my line of work, I am an art director for special projects. I specialize in editorial, advertising and fine-art photography projects, especially book projects. I work with artists to curate their work, define art direction for new projects, and cultivate relationships with new clients.

TV: Have you always wanted to do something with images?

MM: I have always been more comfortable communicating visually. I had a slight speech impediment when I was young, plus I was shy. Communicating visually was a relief from the start. My formal education is in photography, but I started my career in New York as an art director. Art direction quickly turned into a way of life for me, and I can’t imagine doing anything else.

TV: At what moment does an artist usually give you a call? Is it important to know for you why they seek your help?

MM: Most of my clients find me through word of mouth, but now many artists are finding me through mentions online. Artists really flourish with collaboration, and they tend to pass my name on when we have had a great project. Also, the very act of the artist seeking something bigger drives our success, it’s a positive motion.

TV: How do you deal with artists, who can’t handle (your) critique or feedback? How many times do you hear something like “Well, if you know it best, why aren’t you a full-time photographer?”?

MM: Everything I do is in the interest of the artist’s goals, I never go against their true intentions. I also think the reason you work with someone new is to gain a new perspective. However, I am very honest. When something doesn’t work, I say it.

TV: What would you say are the differences between the past and present of this industry?

MM: The old school of thought is to shoot everything from portraits to still life to documentary! The new school is all about specializing, which I love.

TV: When do you consider someone talented? What do you want to see in his/her work?

MM: I think every artist has distinction. It’s just a matter of working with them to find that distinction.

TV: How do you relax outside the office?

MM: I am a music nerd. I love new music and shows; my favorite place to find new music is on KCRW. I also love to look at as many different disciplines of art as possible (outside of photography). It keeps my mind fresh.

TV: Who should we interview next?

MM: I would interview Erin Okeefe, I really like her work.

TV: Thanks Meredith for sharing about your work.

To learn more, check out her website.



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